High resolution camera, Drone, TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanning), MLS (Mobile Laser Scanning)

Instruments for Reality Capture 

Sony + DJI + TopCon + Leica Brands

We use integrated techniques for collect data from Victory Monument. To bring the data to create BIM Model for conservation. Make as-built drawing and assess the damage condition for restoration and repair.

Victory Monument

Photogrammetry + Drone + MLS + TLS

Point cloud is a set of data points in space. The points represent a 3D shape or object. Point clouds of this project are produced by 3D scanners and photogrammetry software.

Victory Monument

Point Cloud files from TLS and MLS

Chulalongkorn University Auditorium, Bangkok, THAILAND. With the use of advanced technology to assist in the process of collecting survey data to create a BIM models and drawings for conservation.

Chulalongkorn University Auditorium

Point Cloud files from TLS and Drone


Advance technology for surveying. And BIM modeling process to meet Digital Twin

Advance Technology and applications bring results and respond to the special works of the organization in many ways that VRC and our business partners are ready to support.

We and our partner team are experts in applying technology to meet the special operations of AEC clients, owners, contractors and suppliers by using BIM as the core of work, whether developing families for suppliers to distribute product models for designers use in projects. Field surveys and large area environments as well as surveying buildings and areas for conservation Or to explore and store digital data on old buildings, creating digital twins for building improvement and resource management. And Building Deflect Checking / QC using modern technology including Drone, Laser Scan, Mobile Mapping and Photogrammetry.

Site Survey and Collecting Data Services
– TLS High Quality Laser Scan
– MLS Mobile Mapping

Scan to BIM – Highly detailed and precise 3D Model for retrofit and conversion projects
– Laser Scan
– Point Cloud

3D Model from Photogrammetry
– Drone
– photographs

Deflected Checked /QC
– UAV Data for Deflect Measurement
– Building Defect Checking

Digital Twins for Buildings

Building Immersive Presentation
– Virtual Reality (VR)
– Augmented Reality (AR)

This house was built between 1897 and 1907 in European Style Ginerbread for Luang Phonghinum. The white and pink house is one of the most remarkable old houses in the city of Phrae, THAILAND

Wongburi House

photogrammetry + revit model + enscape

Conservation of 13 important monuments in Bangkok, THAILAND. With the use of advanced technology to assist in the process of collecting survey data to create a BIM models and drawings for conservation.


TLS + MLS + drone+ photogrammetry + revit model + drawings

Wat Phra Luang Bell Tower is known as one of the most beautiful architecture of Phrae Province, THAILAND. This bell tower of Wat Phra Luang will be used to hit the 11 o’clock every day. Hit in the morning or in the evening, meaning that someone has died in the village and will always hit at important events.

Wat Phra Luang Bell Tower

photogrammetry + revit model + drawings

Silpha Bhirasri – The Father of modern thai art, @Craftsman at Silpha Bhirasri’s Place, Dusit, Bangkok, THAILAND



Operate your projects with 360 Virtual Tour powered by Matterport

Take your most valuable asset to conveniently manage it all online.
We digitize all type of spaces homes, offices, hotels, piers, schools to retails and factories asa well as bringing together everything that’s needed for digital twin.
Let’s tell us where to go, we’ll do the rest!

Mondop Jaturamuk -Wat Devaraj Kunchorn

360 Virtual Tour of Wat Thewarat Kunjon scanned by Matterport, representing inside visiting and information prepared.

Salak Phet pier, Koh Chang

Managing the places from far distance through Matterport Pro2 scanning and sharing it online for its operating.

Pacific Park Hotel

Promoting hotel room allowing clients simply to use 360 Virtual Tour through a reality capture and as well increasing their visitors on marketing purposes.

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